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About David Krueger 

MT License # PSP-PI-LIC-23599

David received a full-ride scholarship to Utah State to play football as a running back, and later received his degree in Criminal Justice.

David has worked for several organizations conducting external and internal loss prevention. He moved to Missoula in 2012 and ran a loss prevention program for a local company where he was responsible for hiring and training other personnel, as well as conducting high level investigations throughout Montana.

David was hired on the Missoula Police Department and spent time as a Patrol Officer, Street Crimes Officer, SWAT team member, Field Training Officer, and Detective.

David’s philosophy is to leave no stone unturned. Sometimes this means conducting dozens of interviews, but he always likes to say that “There are two sides to every story”, and he’ll get to the bottom of each case.

David excels in interviews, and has a unique knowledge and understanding when it comes to not only criminal cases, but also and liability mitigation for local businesses.

David currently operates a local business with over 80 employees.

David’s Training Includes:

  • Undercover Operator
  • Business Management
  • Liability Mitigation
  • Interview Presentations
  • Internal HR Hiring Procedures
  • Wicklander -Zulawski internal investigations
  • Reid Interview and Interrogation
  • DEA Basic Investigator trained
  • Field Training Officer
  • SWAT team member
  • Surveillance Operations

About Geoff Curtis

MT License # PSP-PI-LIC-19792

Geoff graduated from Carroll College with a degree in Business Administration. Geoff was a financial planner for Edward Jones before joining the Missoula Police Department in  2007. Geoff also holds a active Real Estate License in Montana.

While employed with the Missoula Police Department Geoff worked as a Patrol Officer, Street Crimes Officer and Detective. Geoff was assigned to the Missoula Drug Task Force until he was injured in the line of duty during an undercover investigation. During his time with the Missoula Police Department, Geoff was fortunate enough to work not only with the local law enforcement community but also with the US Marshals Fugitive Task Force, DEA, ATF and FBI.

Geoff has experience with forensic technology and is a mobile forensics examiner. One of Geoff strengths is his ability to conduct interviews and developing report and themes with the individual being interviewed.

Geoff strongly believes that the best case isn’t one that is won in court, but a case that was properly investigated and documented so that it is settled, in your favor, before going to court.

Geoff’s Training Includes:

  • Wicklander-Zulawski & Associates Interview and Interrogations
  • Cellebrite forensic examiner
  • Experience presenting and testifying in State and Federal Court on both Criminal and Civil Cases
  • DEA Investigator trained
  • Criminal Investigator
  • Drug Recognition Expert
  • SWAT Team member
  • Field Training Officer
  • Surveillance Operations
  • Undercover Operations
  • Geoff is known as an investigator who will work until a case is completely investigated and documented.

About Dan Dunlap

Dan Dunlap is a retired Special Agent of the Drug Enforcement Administration, where he worked for over 27 years, with the last 20 years working all over Montana.  His experience is diverse, but he specializes in witness interviews, surveillance, and complex investigations.  Dan has developed vast contacts within and outside of law enforcement all over Montana and throughout the United States, and he enjoys employing all available assets in uncovering details within any investigation.

Dan is a recognized expert in state and federal court, and has countless hours of experience testifying in all levels of hearings and in front of juries.  In trial preparation, Dan has a unique ability to prepare witnesses for trial testimony.  He also has an excellent reputation with both prosecutors and defense counsel alike.

Dan is a graduate of Marquette University (1987) with majors in Political Science and Spanish, and he graduated from Montana State University-Billings (2015) with a Master of Public Administration degree.  He is also a small business co-owner with his wife of 27 years, a part-time substitute teacher, and he is the father of three grown children and the grandfather to one grandson.

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