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Interviews are a powerful tool for finding out specific details about an individual or situation. There are many different forms and they each uncover unique facts. If you are looking to hire a nanny, handyman, or even a new employee, the best way to tell if a person is suitable for the position is to do a professional interview. Through this process, you can uncover a person’s past, whether it be a criminal history, health history, or just to find out the individuals true character. We are trained to pick up on subtle cues which lead to a greater understanding about a given person.

We have conducted thousands of interviews. Whether we interview witnesses, suspects, victims, or other involved parties, this is where we really excel. We will be able to confidently and professionally extract minute details that can help make or break cases. We are absolute professionals when it comes to interviews, and you can’t afford to hire amateurs when it comes to interviews.

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How Do Investigative Interviews Work?

Through our years of training and experience in the field, we have developed specific techniques for uncovering a person’s past. By asking the right questions and paying close attention to detail, we are able to pick up on specific pieces of information that the untrained interviewer may not. Our interviews are conducted in a timely and professional manner, while still insuring high quality results. Let us help you learn the facts about a person, event, or situation.

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Why Do A Professional Interview?

A professional interview can truly make or break a case when it comes to interviewing suspects, victims, witnesses, or other involved parties. Simply put, to get to the bottom of a case, an interview needs to be conducted correctly. Interviews give greater insight into a case by allowing you to find out what’s really going on. We can uncover facts about a case that would not have otherwise been discovered. Let the trained professionals step in and conduct a world class interview and really get the facts about your case.