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Fraudulent workers compensation cases are a huge issue for businesses today. With fraudulent cases on the rise, it’s important to be able to dustings between a real claim and a fraudulent one. Fraudulent work comp cases are one of the highest unnecessary expenses that businesses are facing in current times. They are defiantly a rising issue for businesses as they can cut down on profit margins and be detrimental to business growth. Of course. it’s important to take care of your employees and provide them with a safe and satisfying work environment. But when employees begin to take advantage of workers compensation insurance, it’s important to take action before the issue spirals out of control. There are a number of different strategies and techniques that we can employ to discover false claims and help you get back on the right track.

Both Geoff and David are small business owners outside of the Investigation world. This is why they know how important Worker’s Compensation investigations are to small businesses.

David employs more than 80 W-2 employees, and Geoff has intricate personal experience with Work Comp and the convoluted web it can weave. If you think someone may be fraudulently filing a Work Comp claim, we will get to the bottom if it!

Why Investigate A Work Comp Claim?

When there is repeated abuse of workers compensation in a company, the effects can be devastating. Businesses face huge losses in profit due to falsified work comp claims. Don’t let your business suffer while standing by as these fraudulent activities take place. Resolving these issues quickly can prevent huge loss in the long run.

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How Does A Workers Compensation Investigation Work?

There are certain indicators we look for when investigating workers compensation fraud. To the untrained eye, these indicators often go unnoticed. If you have any sort of suspicion that a false claim has been made, take action and uncover the facts about the situation. By looking further into the details of the claim, we are able to determine if the claim is falsified or an honest and true claim. In the event of a false claim, there are actions you can take to prevent further loss in your business. But if you never discover the false claim in the first place, it could have hugely negative effects on your business over time.